Having proper workplace etiquette is important, but surprisingly unpracticed in many workplace environments. Even if you have many years of professional experience, you can always learn something new to improve your workplace etiquette.

Be Polite

Even if you have worked with these people for years, politeness can always go a long way. Say please and thank you, yes ma’am/sir and no sir/ma’am. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and when someone is talking to you, turn towards them, and most importantly, smile!

Avoid Gossip

Letting off steam with a coworker is one thing. However, it is important to remember that everything you say has a chance of coming back to you. If you participate in gossip about your coworkers, there is a good chance your coworkers will participate in gossiping about you too. So, it is best just to avoid it completely.

Treat Coworkers Equally

You should never treat people differently due to their value or rank in your business or based on your own judgment of their duties at work. You are on a team, and for a team to win, every member must feel like they are important, otherwise you will not see them work as hard as others.

Keep Yourself Clean and Tidy

Keep your workspace neat and clean, as well as your appearance. People can and will make judgments on you as an employee based on the appearance of you and your workspace. Do not leave trash or dirty coffee cups by your desk. Go the extra mile by adding an air freshener to your space.

Communicate Efficiently

One easy way to improve your communication is letting someone know that you got their email, no matter what the email says. Or, when you send out the email, you can go around the office and simply ask “Hey, did you all receive my email?” Communicating effectively in the workplace can seriously improve productivity and morale. Check out our recent blog here for more reasons why efficient communication in the workplace is important.

At TPI Staffing Service, not only do we help people find jobs, but we help people preform the best they can within those jobs too. We are more than happy to give any of our employee’s advice on ways they can improve themselves professionally! No matter who you are, you can always improve your workplace etiquette, and set that example for others.

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