6 Crucial Things To Bring To An Interview

Going into an interview can be a nerve-wrecking thing. You never know what you should bring, and you never want to show up unprepared. Here is a list of 6 things we recommend you have on every interview to ensure it goes smoothly!

  1. Copy of your resume: Even though your interviewer has already seen your resumes, it is always a good idea to keep handy. Worst-scenario cases can happen like your interviewer losing your resume or their copy got spilled on with coffee. Keep a few copies for yourself and bring them with you.
  2. Mints: You’ll be creating an impression on your interviewer and will be talking to them for an ample amount of time. Make sure your breath smells good! Popping a mint right before your interview insures you have fresh breath and those onions for lunch don’t cause you to miss out on a new career path!
  3. Notebook/Pens: Be prepared to write down additional information your interviewer will provide you such as follow up instructions or a 2nd interview. This also gives you a space to write down the answers to any questions you may have prepared for the interviewer. Tip: Have a backup pen just in case.
  4. Questions for the interviewer: The most prepared candidates bring a few questions of their own to ask the interviewer. For a list of possible questions, Click Here or see our eBook on How to Nail Your Interview. 
  5. Cash: This one may seem a little silly, and no you will not be bribing your interviewer. There may be other things you might need to pay such as parking fees or a light snack. It is always a good idea to bring a few dollars with you.
  6. Bottle of Water: Stay hydrated! If you feel you must bring a drink, only bring one small water bottle. Keep it safely tucked away in your bag until you are ready to drink. Do not bring coffee or a cup with a straw and lid. You absolutely cannot bring in drinks or food. Remember, it’s a formal interview and not a date.

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