The Best Way to Prevent and Handle Workplace Conflicts.

You can’t always choose your coworkers. They may be just like you, or they may be the total opposite. You will not get along with everyone you work with. Exercising these 5 helpful tips will create a more comfortable work environment for you and your coworkers ultimately raising the production level and achieve more goals.

Build Positive Relationships: Rather than creating alliances and taking sides, focus on positive relationships with all your coworkers based on results and trust.

Think Before Speaking: You can’t control your coworkers’ actions, but you can control how you react to the situation. Before you say something about another coworker, think, “Is this helping the workplace?” “Does this speak positively about my coworker”.

Compromise: Just like you can’t always control your coworkers’ actions, you won’t always agree on their choices or ideas. Compromise helps create win-win solutions for everyone. Try to be flexible and allow other ideas, this will build respect and trust among your peers and help achieve goals in the workplace.

Leave your bags at the door: All of us have things we are going through at home, but they must remain separate from the workplace. The extra baggage will cause you to be angrier, have a shorter fuse, and be more sensitive. This can cause unnecessary riffs between you and your coworkers.

Tell a joke or two: Laughter is a great way to break tension caused by office politics. Remember to keep your jokes appropriate for work.