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Open Enrollment for Health Benefits

OPEN ENROLLMENT DATES: September 9–October 9

For New Enrollment contact your Branch Manager.

For Changes to your current plan call 1-866-798-0803.

See enrollment form for plan specifications. v.20

ESC Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan (weekly payroll deduction) • ESC Supplemental Health Care Plans starting at $15.98 • No Pre-existing Condition Limitations • No Waiting Period on Medical • No Deductibles on Medical • Doctor Office Visit Benefit • Prescription Drug Benefit • Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability Benefits also available

MEC Wellness/Preventive Plan (monthly direct payment) • MEC Plan starting at $58.19 per month • Eliminates employee Individual Mandate tax for those enrolled • Covers the 63 mandated benefits to qualify as Minimum Essential Coverage • Options for Family Coverage • The MEC Plan will be payable via direct payment, and information will be sent to you once you have enrolled