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Amberla Tepe chosen as TPI Staffing Service's "Amazing Teacher of the Month"

Location: Enid

March 1, 2018 (Enid, Okla.) – Monday morning, TPI Staffing Service President Darren Janes, along with Enid Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd and Principal Dudley Darrow, made an impromptu visit to unsuspecting Enid High School teacher Amberla Tepe.

Tepe had a look of confusion on her face when Janes announced to her classroom of freshmen that their teacher had been chosen as the very first honoree of TPI Staffing Service’s “Amazing Teacher of the Month”.

TPI Staffing Service announced the partnership with Enid Public schools last month, and has pledged to award one deserving EPS teacher each month with $250 to use for classroom and instructional needs.

The English teacher expressed gratitude for the honor and recognition. “I know how awesome class is with my students, but getting this award means that we can share with all of Enid that good things are happening here,” Tepe said. “Schools and teachers are being talked about all over the country right now for unfortunate reasons; this award is awesome because it highlights something positive. I am all about highlighting the positive!”

Tepe, who teaches ninth grade English I and Pre-AP English I, received multiple nominations for the award, including one that stated, “Not only does Ms. Tepe do a really good job teaching her classes but she makes it really fun, too. She comes up with really interesting ways to learn different things and remember important details. She makes sure to have a personal connection with each and every student to make class more enjoyable.”

According to EPS Executive Director of Communications and HR, Amber Fitzgerald, there were more than 140 entries for the award. The nominations were given to a third party organization (RSVP of Enid) who then chose the winner. The outside organization elected to choose the winner will rotate each month.

“I haven’t decided how to use the money yet, but I am going to be very methodical about it. It has to be fun, engaging, and a cool way to learn something new.”

The first -year teacher’s and Stillwater native’s past experience is quite diverse, but allows her to bring a fresh perspective to her students and the classroom. With bachelor’s degrees in English and Philosophy, and an associate’s degree in Fashion Design, Tepe left the state and lived in California for several years, even performing as a stand-up comedian while living in Los Angeles. She also worked as a Senior Account Manager for a digital marketing company in Encino, CA.

In 2015, Tepe moved back to the area to be closer to her family. Her connection to Enid Public Schools was made last year through volunteer efforts in the community. “I met Dr. Floyd when I was volunteering for the United Way and he recommended that I teach. I figured I would try it – little did I know that I would love it! I was emergency-certified, and I now plan on pursuing a long and enjoyable career in this profession.”

Her enthusiasm for her students and learning is apparent, as she describes what she enjoys most about teaching. “In 9th grade, I’m dealing with 14-and 15-year-olds; they are all different, funny, enthusiastic, honest, passionate, sarcastic, energetic. I love that I can connect with so many different kinds of people, and that I can encourage them to see the world with different perspectives, and to enjoy reading and writing.”

She also sang the praises of Enid High School and the support she has received adapting to her new and very different profession. “I enjoy working at Enid High because, as a new teacher, I’m getting plenty of help and encouragement from other teachers and my principals. I haven’t been thrown into the deep end without plenty of floaties!”

“I’m just trying my best to make these kids feel good about themselves and inspired to keep learning. The sweet things they wrote when nominating me made me cry. The extra support is more than just money; it’s hope. It’s relief. It’s a break from the negativity of not having what we need so that for a little while we can relax and enjoy the school day.”

Photo Caption: Amberla Tepe (second from right) was honored as the first TPI Staffing Service “Amazing Teacher of the Month” earlier this week. TPI President Darren Janes (second from left) presented Tepe with a check for $250, along with a certificate of recognition. Also pictured are Enid Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd (far right) and Principal Dudley Darrow.

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