So, you were just let go. Whether you were terminated, or laid off, it is important that you have a steady plan of action for what you want to do next. We know that you may feel defeated now, but there is hope, so keep reading!

Ask Questions

After your boss decides to let you go, make sure you fully understand why. Not only because you need the closure to help you move on, but also because you need to make those adjustments to your work ethic for when you find another job. Ensure that you will not make the same mistakes again, that is if you aren’t being laid off. If you are being laid off, ask your boss if they know of any positions open at another company or if there are any improvements that could be made to your resume! Asking questions is the first thing you should be doing. It might be hard, but it could help you in the long run!

Update Everything

When was the last time you looked at your resume, or made/updated your LinkedIn account, or Indeed account? It’s time to blow the dust off of your materials and document what you’ve been doing since they were last visited. After you write down your skills, and gather a new portfolio, you should be proud about all you learned at your last job.

Be Honest When Applying for the Next Job

I’m sure you may be wondering, “How am I supposed to tell my potentially new employer that I was let go?” Well, it’s important to be completely honest and tell your interviewer exactly what happened. If you got terminated from too many mistakes, explain to your interviewer how you are learning from them. If you have been laid off, then there shouldn’t be any worry. Just make sure your interviewer understands the circumstances.

Have Hope

This is not the end of your career. According to, “In 2018, a 10-year study of over 2,600 executives published in the book The CEO Next Door revealed that of the executives who got fired during their career, a remarkable 91 percent found a new position that was as good — or better — than their previous one.” So, with those statistics alone, you should be ready for a new opportunity, who knows maybe you will be happier than where you were before. Take every step with confidence and faith in yourself and your abilities!

At TPI Staffing Service, we have employees who come in stating that they have been laid off, fired, or their temporary job has ended. We look at this as a new opportunity to find our employees a new position with one of our clients. Don’t give up and start looking immediately. This is not a failure, but a chance to start a new chapter in your career! Start with TPI, click here, for that new opportunity.