TPI Staffing Service of Ponca City is holding 5 job fairs starting on November 12th until December 8th! We want to ensure that all you job seekers out there are well prepared, and ready for TPI to help you find your next opportunity. If you have never been to a job fair, or have never had very much luck after attending one, keep reading and follow these tips to get the most out of a job fair.

Know What to Expect

When attending a job fair, it’s important to know that you most likely won’t leave that day with a job offer. Instead, job fairs are meant for job seekers to learn about the company and what the job, or jobs, will entail. It is also a chance for you to make a good first impression, introduce yourself, pass out your resume and make connections with potential future employers.

Ask Questions

You should always ask about the hiring process for each company you speak with. Ask about things like the company culture and the size of the company. If you plan on attending a TPI job fair in the next few weeks, make sure you ask how our hiring process works, and what will be expected of you when you apply for a job with TPI.

Come Prepared

Make sure that you come dressed to impress with all the proper materials on-hand. Employers want to know that you are taking things seriously. So, with that in mind, dress nicely, bring your resume, portfolio, a folder (for any materials you have and materials you may pick up from the booths), a pen, a firm handshake, and a smile!

Follow Up

After attaining plenty of information and a business card with a name, number, or email on it, follow up. This step is crucial because employers could meet up to 100 people on the day of a job fair, and they may not remember you, especially if you do not hand them your resume. A simple email or phone call introducing yourself as a participant of the job fair will allow you to get you to the top of the candidates list and get a good foot in the door.

If you can’t make it to our job fairs, that’s okay. Check out all of our job opportunities here and apply today!