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How and when do I get paid?


TPI pays weekly pending receipt of an approved timecard. Direct deposit is available. We look forward to having you join our TPI Staffing Team!

How and when do I get paid?2019-03-07T14:19:05-06:00

How long does an assignment last?


Assignments may vary in length from one day to six months, a year or longer. Most assignments lead into a permanent position. Assignments are solely dependent on the employers’ needs & your [...]

How long does an assignment last?2019-03-07T14:19:15-06:00

Is there a fee?


A job seeker never pays a fee for our services. How often should I contact your office after my interview with the employment coordinator? Please check in with us 2-3 [...]

Is there a fee?2019-03-07T14:19:22-06:00
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