Employee of the Month

At TPI Staffing Service, Inc., we believe that every individual should have an opportunity to succeed. Every month, we honor our employees by giving them recognition for their hard work and patience.


Amanda Schlorb

Amanda’s supervisor said that she has been very dependable and takes the initiative to help her fellow employees when needed. They also said that Amanda is a versatile fast learner, and she has been such a great addition to their workforce. Right on, Amanda!!


John Worst

Johns supervisors say that they are extremely pleased with his hard work ethic and consistent selflessness. Congratulations John!!!


Karen Hernandez

Karen’s supervisor says that she has received nothing but positive feedback about Karen’s performance. Her coworkers and other supervisors all say that they are very impressed with her attitude and the professional manner with which she handles the front desk. Thank you and congratulations, Karen!


Travis Putnam

Travis’s staffing coordinator says that Travis has shown great enthusiasm with his current position. He is reliable and he has proven himself to be a very hard worker. His current employer has given us nothing but great feedback on his performance. Thank you for working hard, Travis!


Ron Busby

Here’s what Ron’s supervisor had to say about his performance, “Ron is a great employee. He is doing his job as a salesman and doing the warehouse job as well. He is always here early in the mornings and is the last to leave and lock up every day. He has a good attitude no matter what he is asked to do. Ron has been the top salesman for the last two months and is a great at his job. We appreciate his loyalty, cooperativeness, work ethics, and attitude. Ron deserves this recognition for all his hard work. It is employees like Ron who work as a team player that make a company like ours successful.”


Jan Jokane

Jan’s supervisor says that Jan comes to work and performs her assigned duties above and beyond expectations and that she is always pleasant and courteous to all the people she is around throughout the day. Thank you for representing TPI in your workplace Jan! Congratulations


Richard Pearce

Congratulations, Richard Pearce!
Thank you for doing a great job!


Shawn Calhoun

Congratulations Shaun Calhoun!
Thank you for doing an amazing job.