Easy Low Budget Ways to Better Your Business

Running a business is like taking care of a baby. They aren’t easy to handle, and you need time, money and effort to make it work. However, growing your business can be rewarding especially if it becomes successful and you gain a lot of sales and leads by setting up a smart strategy. We will be showing you ways to grow your business and get those #BUSINESSGOALS.

According to the top business professionals such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and small biz trends, here are the top 10 easy low budget ways you can improve your business at little to no cost to you:

1.Make a strong First impression. The top way to better your business is to make a strong first impression. You must have a great first impression, because you won’t get a second chance. Spend a little extra time perfecting how your first meeting with a protentional client or customer will be. If you leave a good impression, you’ll get a higher chance of seeing them back again or getting a good deal from your clients. Prepare your resources, be polite and be professional!

2. Create matching social media platform. With the world slowly turning to digital to buy, sell and outsource, having a digital social presence is important. Creating different social media accounts is free and easy to make. This opens you to reach more potential clients and future customers. According to a statistic done in October 2018, the top three social media platforms – or “channels” as some marketers would like to call it – used by Americans are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Once you have created a page on any of the social media platforms, make sure they all coincide with your website and have a consistent look and information in line with your branding. Most businesses start with having a Facebook page as it is the most used social media platform. People can leave feedback and rate your page. Selling products? Go for Instagram and post stunning pictures of your products or people using them. Instagram is all about the aesthetic and goals so make sure your feed and posts looks nice! Twitter is all about keeping up with the latest news and trends. You can get instant feedback about your services and/or products and keep your brand reputation in check. Master one social media or channel one at a time. Study how algorithms on each work, what the trends are on each platform and see if your target audience is likely to be in them.

3. Interact with other business in your industry: The easiest way to get your name out there is to reach out to other people in their industry and connect with them. Follow them on social media, engage and comment on their posts or you can message them if they’re interested in doing B2B work. Meanwhile, don’t spam them or send emojis when proposing a business deal. Be professional. LinkedIn is a good online social media platform made for professionals. Here you can find other businesses, companies and even seasoned experts. If you’re planning to do B2B, try LinkedIn!

4. Don’t hesitate with Prospects: When a client is ready to make a deal, you need to act right away. Be prepared to drop everything and return their call, get their paperwork ready and be able to deliver whatever it takes.

5. Utilize Social Media: While social media do allow for paid ads, you can reach large amounts of your local community by promoting your business to people you are already connected with. We recommend creating an account on multiple platforms to reach different groups of people. Engage with your audience and set up a content strategy to make your social media consistent and active. People don’t like a dead page. Create a media calendar and plan out how you can drive people to your page and gain leads.

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