There is nothing wrong with being passionate about work. We all know that to earn an honest living, sometimes you have to work hard, but how can you know when you’re working too hard? TPI Staffing Service prides their hard workers, and we encourage all of our employees to always give 100%; however, our first priority is always the health and wellness of everyone we send to work. We know that to really improve work ethic, there must be balance in your life inside work, and outside of work! Here are 5 signs you’re a workaholic.


  1. You Skip Your Lunch Break

The clock strikes 12 p.m. and some of your co-workers are heading to the break room, or home, for lunch, but you continue to work away. Your stomach is rumbling but you just ignore it. You try to eat your sandwich at your desk, but now there are crumbs all over your reports from last month. Studies say that you are more productive when you build in intermittent periods of renewal during your day. So not only should you be taking a lunch, you should be taking breaks too. Make time for your stomach!

  1. You Don’t Have a Hobby

If your mind is drawing a blank when someone asks you what you do for fun it might be time to find that answer. You can’t find that answer when you are glued to your work. Surely there was something you enjoyed doing before you became so dedicated to your work, right? If work is what makes you happy, that’s great, but imagine being even happier when you find a hobby!

  1. You Go to Work Even When You’re Sick

This one should be obvious; however, we think that this is a smack-in-the-forehead sign that you are a workaholic. Being sick at work could cause so many disasters. You are more likely to make a mistake while working sick and you could spread it to your co-workers! Calling in sick is a necessity, not only if you’re feeling physically sick, but also if you’re feeling mentally sick too. If you don’t want to stay home sick for your own well-being, do it for the well-being of your co-workers and your company.

  1. You Can’t Say No

Have you ever promised people at your work that they can always call you if they need anything? Maybe you should set some boundaries. Taking on extra responsibilities shows that you are loyal and diligent, but how can you guarantee that you can do each responsibility to your best ability when you have too many? Know your limits and enforce them.

  1. You Don’t Spend Enough Time with Friends and Family

When you’re too busy telling your work yes, you end up telling friends and family no. If you are always telling your friends and family that you can’t spend time with them because you’re too busy with work, they will stop reaching out. If you often hear the words, “You’re always working,” or, “I never see you anymore,” it might be time to listen! There are people who care about you, and they should matter just as much as your work does.


Once you accept that you’re a workaholic, you can start taking steps to balance your work with your life better. In the end, making small changes will make you a more productive and successful employee.