Have you been unhappy with your line of work recently, but not sure if you should do something else? Changing your career path can be scary, and there’s a lot of uncertainty that can come with it that will intimidate people into sticking with what they have, even if they are unhappy. So, here are some sure signs that you need a career change. It may be scary, but you never know, it could be worth it too.

You Aren’t Motivated or Passionate About Your Work

When you aren’t motivated, work can be miserable. When even small tasks feel like torture, and you feel like they are unimportant, that is your brain telling you that the job isn’t fulfilling and that it wants to do something else. Not only is this bad for the business you work for but it’s bad for your overall mental health as well.

You’re Not Being Paid Fairly

On top of being unmotivated, if you aren’t paid as much as you believe you should be paid it can make things 10x harder. It’s not always your company that can decide what you should be paid, some careers just pay more than others. However, if not being paid enough is the root of your unhappiness at work, just read our blog from last week here about how to ask for a raise at work!

You Are Jealous of Your Friends Who Are Happy

Does it make you upset when your friends talk about how great their job is? It’s hard to understand why some people find the perfect job for them while you can’t. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and what you’re going through now is only preparing you for what is coming next! Keep you’re head up.

No Friends and No Connections

On top of all the reasons we stated above, it can be even harder going to a job where your personality doesn’t mix with those of your coworkers. Yes, you’re there to do your job, not to make friends, but getting along well with coworkers is a big factor of a pleasant work environment that is often overlooked.

You Find Few Positive Things to Say About Your Job

If you can’t find something good to say about your job, you should probably work on finding somewhere where you can’t find something bad to say. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you identified with any of these, let TPI help you find your next opportunity. Jobs aren’t meant to be completely miserable. Jobs are meant to challenge you, but not in a way that makes you unhappy.

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