The production industry is one of the largest, if not one of the most influential, job sectors of the United States economy. Duties for production workers vary according to their industry and workplace, but every single one is vital to the communities that they serve. According to the latest statistics, there are currently over 12 million people who work in production in the U.S. TPI Staffing Service, Inc. is currently looking to fill several production positions and here is why you should consider applying. Here are 4 reasons why it’s great to work in production.

  1. You Contribute to the Economy

Research shows that production work is ranked among the most important industries in maintaining a strong U.S. economy, 8 in 10 Americans believe U.S. manufacturing is important to maintain a standard of living. According to, for every $1.00 spent in manufacturing and production, another $2.74 is added to the economy. So, as you can see production is vital to our economy, and anyone who chooses to work in production should be proud of that!

  1. There is Opportunity for Growth

Most production jobs are entry level, and with the right work ethic, supervisors could offer you promotions, which may allow you to reach any career goals you may have. also states that over the next decade, 4.6 million manufacturing and production jobs will likely be needed, and 2.4 million are expected to go unfilled due to the skills gap. If you apply yourself while working in your production job, you never know where it may lead you.

  1. Safety is Always Increasing

Many people may have assumptions about production work that it is unsafe. In the past it has been notorious for being unsafe, plagued by chemicals, machines, and other hazards. As the economy grows, new technology and precautions are created to ensure the safety of its workers. At TPI, our number one priority is to keep our employees safe!

  1. Excitement is Around Every Corner

You may have the predetermined idea that production work is standing all day doing the same physical labor on repeat for several hours; however, you have the opportunity to watch first-hand how important products are made and packaged. With so much excitement within the industry, you’ll have plenty of awesome information to share with those outside of work, this promotes your company, which will, in turn, reach more people, and allow it to grow.


Production is vital to the growth of our economy and to the good of the communities that it serves. TPI is always hiring production workers, and we would be happy to hire you, too!