Sometimes, work can be slow, and there may be some periods where you have less projects to work on than normal. Don’t look at downtime as a bad thing, it’s just an opportunity for you to do things you normally wouldn’t have time to do.

  1. Ask your Boss for More Work

This one should be obvious. If you don’t have enough to do, just tell your supervisor that you would like a few more extra work duties. Your employer will probably be impressed by your initiative.

  1. Ask a Coworker if They Could Use Some Help

While your plate may be empty, your coworkers’ plate could be overflowing. Ask a coworker if there is any way you can help, even if they don’t need your help, they will appreciate the offer.

  1. Clean your Desk or Workspace

You can shred old documents, organize your computer files, organize your drawers, vacuum or sweep your floor or, even better, disinfect everything!

  1. Reach Out to an Old Colleague or Mentor

It is important to stay in contact with these people. You may never know when you will need their help or recommendation. Ask them how they are doing and tell them about any recent goals that you have achieved.

  1. Update your Passwords

If you have been using the same passwords for a while now, it may be time to change them. This will ensure that your digital information is secure and protected.

  1. Go for a Walk Around your Office or Workplace 

If you have absolutely nothing else to do, take a moment to stretch your legs and walk around. If they aren’t busy, say hi to a coworker you normally don’t get to talk to due to your physical distance in your workplace.

  1. Drink Water

Drinking more water at work can help you concentrate better, increase your energy levels, decrease your stress levels, help you loose weight, and put you in an overall better mood. If you don’t want to do anything else on this list, you should at least do this!

  1. Clean Up Your Email

If you are someone who uses Email a lot, this is probably something that is overdue. Delete everything in your spam folder and unsubscribe to all those marketing emails you don’t read.

  1. Refresh Yourself on Your Employee Handbook

Depending on how long you have been working there, policies are subject to change. Make sure you still have a clear understanding of everything that is expected of you as an employee within your company.

  1. Create a Vision Board

What are some goals that you want to achieve in 2021? A raise? A promotion? Grab some office supplies and compile a few goals that you want to achieve. Make it colorful, fun, and eye catching, and then hang it on a wall in your office or display it within your workspace.  This will keep you motivated and excited for the new year!

If one of your goals is to find a new job opportunity, click here!